The old stand by was to always  follow the Corporate drudge. Line everyone up like a number, insist on the same results and move on.

This approach for a short term was right – for those times when people didn’t question a system, boss or organization but those times they are a changing!

People today expect more from their jobs. They are no longer happy with going with the status quo. They demand equal opportunity and rights – as it should be.

The thing about leadership and people that always made me laugh is when it’s done with the old stand by Corporate approach is that you are dealing with people not numbers.

When we take the human approach, when we invest in our people with a thought based people approach we then begin to notice the investment pays off in more way than just financial.

The leaders we choose to run our companies be it team leaders, Managers or Executives all have a common job in that the biggest part is leading the team they are in charge of.

How can a leader lead with out knowing who he is leading or why? How can they lead if the only thing they see is a bottom line in dollars not a bottom line in humanity.

It’s far fetched I know, I mean thinking about those who work for us as people who drive the market vs people who follow Orwellian style – huh.

Today workers demand to be heard. They demand not only for equality in gender and race but in equality to those in positions higher than them for doing their job.

We have to get rid of the good old boys approach. We have to see that our biggest asset in any company big or small is the one driving force to competing in today’s ever changing Domestic and Global market & that  it’s workforce.

With out those that we lead we in fact, wouldn’t be leading at all.

Humanity, integrity, compassion and accountability are the new ways of doing business.

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