I am not a “blogger”. I am not a grammar Czar ( oops that’s not politically correct). I am not about all things being formal and I am not going to lose my message getting out to people over a “comma.”

We have come to a most unfortunate place that we are so busy following formalities, instructions, rules and guidelines that we have lost sight of what is really important.

Let’s use an example in the business world….( ah incorrect again)

You have a document that needs to be produced. It goes out to the powers that be and you know the content is on point and that the message or details are exactly what was needed. You feel proud of what you wrote and that you did it in a timely manner.

Then you get the email, the critics the boss that let’s you know “You sent this out and there are two comma’s that are missing. That is a bad reflection on the company”.

EXCUSE me?????

“Was there a problem with the content?”


“Was there a problem with the message or the details?”


“But It needs to be redone and sent back out because the lack of two commas makes us look bad?”


Silently shaking my head ( not me but this story is real)

Do you see how that conversation goes and if you haven’t ( oops use of contractions)  experienced that then you might be able to relate to something similar -my point still remains what does it matter.

Hold on don’t come at me just yet just hear me out.

Yesterday was about the human aspect in the business world. It was a solid message. But because of these formalities the issue became the comma not the content.

We have lost the human side in our PC world. The powers that be have put such great importance over these issues that we are in fact loosing site of our goals.

Offices spend more time in “re-do’s” for employee hours over a “comma” which takes away from other tasks and in the end changes the bottom line and I ask you why?

At some point someone said that in order to be seen as great, that punctuation perfectly is a must. Now I am not disagreeing that it has its place and that we should strive to meet the standard. But do you see what we are doing by holding onto a standard that’s very outdated? We lose track of the message.

I am no less equipped to run this company because my blog misses a comma.

I am not less intelligent because I know my time is better suited on the 50 other tasks that do have to be dealt with and do have big implications.

I am not any less talented in my leadership skills because of one run on sentence, because my skills, my message are still the same which is humanity in the work place.

I am sure those that have a love for punctuation and grammar are going to come at me for this one and that’s okay.  I understand they have a passion for that. I understand that the formalities have been around for a very long time  be it Caxton (1474) or Brenan of the late 17th century – wait it doesn’t matter where it came from but come on 17th century we are in fact in the 21st should we not adapt yet?

Let’s close with this:

If you are the “boss” and you see that a “job” has to be re-done but the content was fantastic please do me a small favor.  Take a moment to openly acknowledge that the content was great prior to the comma issue. Why because you get more bee’s with honey than you do vinegar. ( if you don’t understand why that’s important then I can’t remotely get you to understand the importance of what a compliment can do to make an employee feel valued).

For you my “blog” readers please remember this last thing…(ah again)

I am not going to care today, tomorrow or even next year about a missing “comma.” I care only about content, the people I reach and the message I share.

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