When we go to our jobs and the mundane, status quo, socially acceptable, professional guidelines, compliance’s, corporate policies, acceptable social office procedures…umm wait already I don’t want to go to work -whew that’s a lot to think about even prior to hitting the ground running on a Monday!

I talk about this frequently about the importance of humanity and not the robotic  approach. In turn I have gotten a great deal of flack because someone has a half hazard judgement on all the do’s and do not’s of what we need to be and do.

If I hire “Bob” and I choose “Bob” because he is practical, devoted, great career history and stellar reviews but he is also formal, brisk and even tempered then that is the person I am hiring. He clearly based on what we know about humans fits all those standards and would likely feel very comfortable following all guidelines but so wouldn’t “Sandy”.   “Sandy”  is outstanding and devoted to interpersonal communication in the work place. Her personality and dress are vibrant. Her outgoing personality makes anyone feel they can talk to her.  She has a formal education, has worked at the best firms and her reviews are top notch. Then I hired her for those qualities as well. Two people different personalities and both for their own reasons are a great addition to any team. When I hire someone, one of the things always is personality in conjunction with education and work history. We have heard the term “can they be a team member”, “will their personality fit” and so on. Each person brings a background, knowledge, structure of their own kind and the common denominator is they are both human.


So to be or not to be that is the question. My answer is both.

We must act accordingly in the workplace. But, as office personnel who oversee staff we need to let people soar. Give them creative freedom and part of that comes with their personality package.Besides how does anyone ever get anything done when they are spending so much time making sure to follow all the rules ( hence the above cartoon).

The name HR equals human resources which equals and breaks down to the resources of humans. That’s important and something that in my opinion was a lost a bit in the last two decades. I would no sooner want to take away someones personality to have them perform robotic like just to fit the mold of the various social norms and restrictions concocted out there.  When we do that, when we allow that then we are in fact devaluing our employees. When we only invest in a persons skill set and not the person we not only do a disgrace to our company but the individual.

One last thing. I know this is a bit “wordy”. So isn’t sitting employees in a room for 5 hours listening to a spiel on all the aforementioned in para one. Human approach is the only approach that should ever be accepted in any situation.




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