We all have that one Boss – yep you know that one- yes that’s whom I’m talking about the one who has to hover like a helicopter over everything everyone does. Then complains how no one ever gets anything done and how tired they feel.

What happens  to a team when the type of Boss they have is like the guy in the above cartoon? ( this could be a manager, a company owner- for this blog the cartoon is a manager).

To be a leader you need to lead a team. You have to realize strengths, weaknesses, assets and fall shorts in each employee. Wanting to just get the job done  is only a small part of actually being a Boss. Managing your team via direction, solutions,team completing tasks and goals set by you is the biggest. A great Manager doesn’t hover like a helicopter but instead has confidence in her or his ability that he has constructed a great team and see’s the value in each team member.

So what do you do when you have a Boss like this? You speak up but have compassion because believe it or not your Manager is a human too.

What MIGHT work:

XYZ  I can see you have a lot to do. What can I do to help make things easier for you and the team?


Wow XYZ you are driven. What can I do to help?

What probably WON”T work:

XYZ you are so busy seems I can’t ever catch up with you. Just give a yell if you need something.

Wow XYZ look at all that work let me know if you need me to help


Word execution is key here.

So why the won’t work examples?

Telling a busy person they are busy and telling them that they never have a moment when in fact you just took a moment to state that is offensive. Telling them to just give a yell if they need something is like seeing someone drowning and saying hey do you want me to save you or a ya good? Further telling them how much work then saying let me know just reminds them of the piles of the time you took up and that your only willing to help if told what to do.

I am not saying this will make your boss less of a helicopter but I am saying at least it may help.

In the workplace at all times humanity is key. It is the driving force behind most great Managers and it is those types of Managers that I have personally seen have the least turn over rate and employee satisfaction rates. Further can be said of employees.  The most effective and productive employees that produce so much more than just work in my experience has been those who strive in humanity based actions first.

Now if you have read this as a manager and not an employee and you see yourself even a smidgen in my writings today then take a moment and get to know that team of people that work for you or your department. The more you know the more you can delegate and you will see you are less tired. Your team is likely happier because they understand the direction they are going in and you will in fact get to sleep again.


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******As always my blog isn’t PC, grammar or punctuation correct.