via Daily Prompt: Urgent

There is a  interesting blog that I have stumbled on (see link).   You post on the word that’s given.

Today’s word Urgent.

This word quickly brings 40 different images to ones mind. The things in our lives we place that urgency on.

Things like a fire in the building, pipe breaks in the home and your flooding those are urgent and should make one react quickly.

If you are in danger then that’s urgent. If someone will get hurt due to the situation or be neglected those are urgent. Whats not urgent- pretty much everything else.

It seems like the world is frequently in Urgent mode and the trend at work and the frenzy of all things being urgent have taken up the pace.

In order to be great we must be able to reflect and see our direction. In order to be productive and stay on task we must understand what our priorities are. It has been my experience that all things being urgent in the work place has become a largely overused word that is counterproductive to productivity.

I know I know I can hear the messages now ” Well Jenny that’s not true if I have a deadline and don’t do it then I might get fired so that’s urgent”.

Actually that’s very untrue. If you have done your prioritizing, stayed on task and practice all organizational skills there would be no urgency at all you would be right on task to making your time line.

We are less productive when we remain on heightened status or fear and let’s face it when the Boss says it’s urgent a frenzy mode ensues.

Take a breath. Set guidelines and priorities and remove that word from your daily work activities – it’s amazing how that will in fact make you much more productive.


Managing Director



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