Today’s word from Daily prompt: Waiting.

In work or in life it seems to be the old Army statement “hurry up and wait”.

I think that if we are waiting on someone or something that means we are doing nothing but meeting their agenda.

Hear me out…

At work we tend to wait on a report. Wait on so and so for a meeting. Wait for the Boss approval, wait on a colleague to hand us their finished part of a project – we wait.

What if we didn’t. What if we removed the word wait since it can make so many things seem like it’s taking a life time and instead we accomplish the things we need to in our day?

What if we set up all the other items needed for that report then inject the report when it arrives into our presentation and just add tweaks? What if we took those few moments prior to a meeting started to get notes ready for the next and looked at it as a much needed opportunity? What if we valued the Boss’s approval but we realized personal approval isn’t always needed and instead take a moment to promote or help advance a co-worker? What if we started another project with the intent on stopping once the colleague got us their part of the project?

To me the word wait nearly means we stop in anticipation – so stop stopping in anticipation -stop waiting and go do!


Managing Director



******As always my blog isn’t PC, grammar or punctuation correct.