I looked up the word and the definition of Underground:

**beneath the surface of the ground. “miners working underground”

We think of all types of situations where people work underground. Generally mining comes to mind or building but what if I told you it’s not just that but a different kind of pyramid?

What If we took a twenty story building. At the top are CEO,CFO and COO, President, VP and so on. 1st level is entry. Bottom level are maintenance, janitorial and mail room.

What if you took that one step further. Add a few office workers, researchers and clerks to the lowest level of the building?

Now what do every single working individual in this pyramid do? They work underground but not just in the physical but in company structure.

There is often less praise, understanding, pay and advancement because people forget their importance but I ask you this: A large company with out all of that actually wouldn’t survive so I ask then why are they forgotten, paid less and placed “underground”?

Every single person in the workplace has value. Every single employee brings the company towards it’s mission and humanity and equality to all should be the priority.

We have to stop letting people be “underground” and empower every individual and make sure they are as valued in the workplace as someone on the 5th, 8th or even 20th floor.


Managing Director



******As always my blog isn’t PC, grammar or punctuation correct.