via Daily Prompt: Transformation


If we are doing it right we are always changing, adapting, transforming.

Transformation is the key to not only personal success but to job success.

Staying stagnate and meeting the status quo won’t keep you there long. You can ride the wave for a bit but what happens after that – do you become so unwilling to change due to being comfortable and loose employee enthusiasm?

We all know that change/transformation can be difficult in the work place. After all we already have so much we do each and every day so adding a change can often come with great resistance.

Fantastic managers realize that transformation / change keeps everything  going forward. They realize that in order to be competitive they must stay in the here and now. Further they know transformation after initial application does help, if applied properly employee moral especially if an employee or group of employees suggested the change.

We must be willing to embrace transformation in order to go forward in both business and personal.


Managing Director

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